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Countries have relationships with Thai Agriculture
The Republic of Kenya

Country Information


582,650 square kilometres (near the size of Thailand)
Capital Nairobi
Geography Kenya lies on the equator to the east of African Continent
Climate Varies depending on regions i.e., hot and dry weather in the north, temperate in the central region, hot temperature with abundance of rains surrounding Victoria Lake.
Population 38.8 million
Official Language English and Kiswahili
Religions 45% Protestant, 33% Roman Catholic, Islam 10%, indigenous beliefs 10%, others 2%
President H.E. Mwai Kibaki
National Day 12 December

Economic and Agricultural Conditions

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $31.42 billion (2008 estimate)
GDP per capita: $1,600 billion (2008 estimate)
GDP growth rate: 2.2% (2008 estimate)

Agricultural produces include tea, coffee, corn, wheat, sugar, vegetables and fruits, milk products, beef, swine meat, poultry, and eggs.

Cement, food processing, tourism, petroleum products, and consumer commodities production. Tourism is the industry that generates most revenues of the country. In addition agricultural commodities processing industry, Kenya also has small-sized industries such as plastic, furniture, battery, textile, soap, some oil products, and cement.


Exported Commodities
Tea, such agricultural produces as tea, coffee, corn, wheat, sugar, vegetables and fruits, and petroleum.


Major Partner Countries
Uganda 16.9%, United Kingdom 9.3%, Tanzania 8.2%, Netherlands 8.2%, United States 6.4%, and Pakistan 5.2% (2007 estimate).


Thailand Kenya Relations 

2.1 Diplomatic
Thailand and the Republic of Kenya established their diplomatic relations on 25 July, 1967. Thailand has its embassy in Nairobi, an embassy in east Africa region with administrative territories covering 9 countries in addition to Kenya, i.e., Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Malawi, Ethiopia, Comoros, Burundi, Rwanda, and Seychelles. The embassy in Nairobi was established in 1978. The current Ambassador is Mr. Chariwat Santabut. Thailand used to have a desire to open an honorary consulate in Mombasa (the second large city in economy of Kenya, where a number of Thai people have been doing businesses), with an appointed, Thai honorary consul (Mr. Stephen, an English with Kenyan nationality). The matter was however not responded by Kenya since its proposal in 1993. Kenyan embassy in Thailand was opened on September 2006, with Dr. Richard Titus Ekai installed the office of new ambassador on 14 November, 2006, and Mr. Athiwat Prachaseri being honorary consulate general in Thailand (Kenya embassy in Malaysia was previously assigned to have its administrative territories over Thailand).


2.2 Economic
In 2008, the trade value of both countries was $162.82 million. With the value of imports from Kenya to into Thailand worth $32.42 million and exports from Thailand to Kenya worth $130.41 million, Thailand had a balance of trade surplus equivalent to $97.99 million. As far as the trade between Thailand and Kenya is concerned, Thailand has gained a balance of trade surplus.

Agricultural commodities exported from Thailand to Kenya include plastic resin, motor vehicles, equipment and components granulated sugar, finished clothing, etc.

Agricultural commodities imported from Kenya into Thailand include chemical products, ore, other metal, metal wastes and its products, iron, etc.


KenyaAmbassador in Thailand

Thai Ambassador in Kenya
Trade Data
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